ETHSydney Meetup Feb 2024

Ethereum Technical meetup

Summary - Meetup Info ​5:45/6pm: doors open ​6pm: 🍷🍺πŸ₯§ ​6:20pm: Dan MC - kick off (with Welcome to Country) ​6:25pm: Age - SigP Directors Welcome ​6:30pm: Bokky - Stealth Addresses ​6:50pm: RocketPool - Protocol Update ​7pm: MZ & SAM - SEAL Launch ​7:30pm: πŸ•πŸΎπŸΊ ​7:45pm: Will - Powered by DeFi ​8:00pm: Mark - Ethereum, MEV, and Proposer Builder Separation ​9:00pm: Close and party nearby (will announce on-site). Refer to https://lu. [Read More]