ETHSydney Meetup May 2024

Ethereum Technical meetup

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The Next Step to Decentralization

An ETHSydney Official Event

​Warmup meetup before Pragma and ETHGlobal Sydney. ⚡️

​ 🗓️ 1st May, 2024

​🕝 2:30-7pm 📍Venue: HaymarketHQ L2/63 Dixon Street, Haymarket, 2000

Keynote and demo: Multichain Data query Marta Adamczyk, SubQuery Network

Scaling and privacy Geoff Lamperd, Ethereum Foundation Zeektoshi, zkSync

Demos and Panel: Decentralized Validator Tech @sassal0x, @paulsalis

SubQuery Session Details:

Web3 data Infrastructure: SubQuery Network

​Explore how SubQuery Network is reshaping web3 data infrastructure, integrating Remote Procedure Call (RPC) providers and indexers. Learn about the developer experience benefits using SubQuery: lower barriers to blockchain data access, and optimized costs.

​About SubQuery: SubQuery Network empowers builders with fast, flexible, and open data indexing tools across 170+ networks, driving the vision of a user-centric web3 world. SubQuery’s Data Node will provide breakthroughs in the RPC industry, ensuring decentralization without compromise. Join us in shaping an inclusive and decentralized web3 era.

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