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At ETHSydney, SubQuery was one of the main sponsors alongside the Ethereum Foundation and ZkSync.

During the event, SubQuery’s Head of Business Development and DevRel, Marta, delivered an insightful talk titled “Decentralised Data for Everyone,” diving into the rationale, value, design, and future of SubQuery Network. She also touched on how the SubQuery Network is revolutionising web3 data infrastructure by offering fast, flexible, and open data indexing tools across 180+ networks.

Further down the session, Marta demonstrated the power of multi-chain indexing, including indexing bridge transfers from Polygon to Ethereum via the Polygon Plasma Bridge. She ended the talk with a final note on the numerous benefits that projects will gain when using SubQuery, such as optimised costs, customised APIs, and lower barriers to blockchain data access.

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If you want to learn more about SubQuery, check out their documentation and multi-chain quick start guide.

Get in touch with the SubQuery BD team by booking a demo. Get more information on SubQuery by joining their Discord community.

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